Copenhagen Hotels

Copenhagen Hotels
Copenhagen has plenty of hotel options ranging from five-star to budget accommodation. That said, rates are on the high end of the scale and rooms are on the small side. The city has, in recent years, increased its capacity with new design hotels, a luxury all-suite hotel in Tivoli gardens, and a youth hostel in the city center. Many existing properties have undergone renovation and expansion and emphasizing eco-friendly, sustainable business practices.

The top attractions in Copenhagen are the Tivoli Garden, The Little Mermaid, Amelienborg Palace and Christiania Denmark among many others. Having a high standard of living, most prices in Denmark are high; but fret not. Hotels galore are within the city, and again, we’ll give you our best advice here: look for the promos online. All Hotels including discount hotels, family friendly hotels offer a complimentary breakfast unless specified otherwise. Business and luxury hotels are also available in Copenhagen that will meet your expectations.

All Denmark’s roads, trains, and bicycle paths lead to the heart of the Capital. The Inner City is the unrivalled commercial and cultural center in the entire country; and, if Slotsholmen is included, also the political. Always buzzing with activity and crammed with people, the city is only completely empty on Sundays, as very few people actually live here. This is a picturesque area with many buildings dating back to the early 18th Century. The street plan dates back to the Middle Ages, which goes some way to explaining the many seemingly irrational twists and turns.

There are more than 90 Hotels in Copanhagen city. Nighttime is party time in Copenhagen. Stroll along stroget to see musicians, magicians, and jugglers, or step into one of the many jazz clubs, beer houses, or restaurants. Den Rode Pimpernel is a great place for dining or dancing (not for youngsters), with a live band that plays dance music, but visitors will be inspected through a peephole before being invited in. A popular gay club is Catwalk, with a house DJ every night.

There are several other options for classical paintings but if you are ready for a change, head south to the Arken Museum of Modern Art for a world class exhibition of contemporary art, mostly Scandinavian, as well as hugely popular temporary exhibitions. However the arguably best and most visited museum in Denmark is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art located in northern Zealand with a panoramic view across the Øresund. The museum frames the sculpture park facing the sea and the interaction between art, nature and the museum architecture is quite unique. Louisiana is an international museum with a considerable collection of modern art, and hugely popular temporary exhibitions.

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